Q: Where do the tours start?

A: There are maps and photos of the meeting area on the page specific to that tour and detailed descriptions of how to get there.

 the messenger bag and I have been all over europe together!

 the messenger bag and I have been all over europe together!

Q: How do I find you?  

A: There are lots of pictures of me on the site!  But you can always identify me by my bright orange messenger bag. 

Q: How long do tours last?

A: Length of the tours depend on the size of the group, but my main tours in Stuttgart and Esslingen last around 90 minutes.

Q. How strenuous are the tours?

A:  The tours are generally fine for anyone who can walk at a moderate pace for 90 minutes.  The Stuttgart tour only contains a small set of stairs and no hills.  The Esslingen tour involves a little more walking, and two flights of stairs.  

Q: Are kids welcome?

A: Absolutely, although the tours are not specifically kid-oriented.  Kids 12 and above will probably enjoy the tour more than younger kids.  We've had tons of babies in strollers on all our tours!

Q: How about dogs?

A: Well-behaved dogs are welcome!

Q: How much do tours cost?  

A: Price for the public tours are on the respective pages for the tour.  My rates for private tours are 30/hour in Stuttgart city center, and 35/hour for further afield (Unterturkheim wine area, Esslingen, etc.) for up to 8 people.  Inquire for rates for larger groups.

Q: Are you a native English speaker?

A: Yes, I'm a Californian who has been living in Stuttgart for over 6 years.

Q: How can I get updates on upcoming tours?

A: The easiest way is to "like" the Stuttgart Steps page on Facebook.  This will enable you to see updates as I post them.  You can also follow me on Twitter, read the blog, or check the specific tour page for the schedule.

Q: I have friends visiting and they're really interested in cars/nightlife/cuisine.  Do you have a tour that suits them?

A: My private tours are completely customizable.  Send me a message and what you're interested in, and I can craft a tour that is tailor-made tour just for you!  

Q: It's raining.  Is the tour still on?

A: Yes, although the Vineyard Wine Walk may be cancelled if the forecast is particularly nasty.

Q: How do I pay you?

A: Payment in euros when we meet for the tour is my preferred payment method, but I also can accept European bank transfers in advance if needed.