Q: Where do the tours start?

A: There are maps and photos of the meeting area on the page specific to that tour and detailed descriptions of how to get there.


Q: How do I find you?  

A: Lots of pictures of me on the site!  But you can always identify me by my bright orange messenger bag in the spring through fall, or my fuzzy white fleece messenger bag in the winter.  I don't do umbrellas or bullhorns, it saves us both embarrassment!

Q: How long do tours last?

A: Length of the tours depend on the size of the group and how many questions are asked, but my main tours in Stuttgart and Esslingen last around 90 minutes.

Q. How strenuous are the tours?

A:  The tours are generally fine for anyone who can walk at a moderate pace for 90 minutes.  The Stuttgart tour only contains a small set of stairs and no hills.  The Esslingen tour involves a little more walking, and two flights of stairs.  

Q: Are kids welcome?

A: Absolutely, although the tours are not specifically kid-oriented.  Kids 12 and above will probably enjoy the tour more than a restless 6 year old.  We've had lots  of babies in strollers on our Stuttgart tour without a problem.

Q: How about dogs?

A: Well-behaved dogs are welcome!

Q: How much do tours cost?  

A: The Stuttgart tour is €10, the Esslingen tour is €12. Kids 13 and up are €6 for both, and kids 12 and under are free.  You can also arrange private tours for €25 per hour.  Payment is required in cash up front, or via bank transfer with advance reservation.  When paying in cash, €10 and €20 bills are appreciated. 

Q: Are you a native English speaker?

A: Yes, I'm a Californian who has been living in Stuttgart for nearly 4 years.  

Q: How can I get updates on upcoming tours?

A: The easiest way is to "like" the Stuttgart Steps page on Facebook.  This will enable you to see updates as I post them.  You can also follow me on Twitter, read the blog, or check the specific tour page for the schedule.

Q: I have friends visiting and they're really interested in cars/nightlife/cuisine.  Do you have a tour that suits them?

A: My private tours are completely customizable.  Send me a message and what you're interested in, and I can give suggestions to tailor-made tour just for you!  Private tours are €25/hour for up to 8 people - meaning that with 3 people or more,  you're actually saving money for a private tour over the regular tour.  It's a good deal!