Immerse yourself  in the rich history of the beautifully preserved medieval city of Esslingen am Neckar - just 10 minutes away from Stuttgart!  



  • The Inner Bridge with it's quaint St. Nicholas Chapel - one of the oldest stone bridges in Germany
  • The Imperial City Hall, the center of the Holy Roman Emperor's power in Esslingen
  • The Postman Michel's Fountain, which recounts a grisly ghost story from Esslingen's history
  • The Hafenmarket and many of Germany's oldest and best preserved half timbered houses
  • The former Jewish ghetto
  • The Old City Hall with it's beautiful glockenspiel and astronomical clock 
  • Ancient wine cellars and vineyards, attesting to Esslingen's role as an important wine growing town for over 500 years
  • The Marktplatz with it's baroque New City Hall and medieval hospital
  • Sipping some sekt at Germany's first sparkling wine producer, 200 years old and still in operation!
  • Three historic churches, most notably St. Dionys with amazing stained glass windows that date back to 1280
  • An explanation of the defensive structures of this oft-besieged city.
  • Much more!

Along the way I'll point out my favorite Swabian restaurants and authentic wine pubs, as well as special places to shop for that perfect souvenir or gifts for friends and family.


Public tours WITH PRIOR RESERVATION ONLY are held on Saturdays at 11:00.  Private tours are available at other times for  €50 for up to six people.

A minimum of 3 reserved people are necessary for a public tour to occur, but there is no minimum requirement for a private tour.

PRICES (Cash Only)

Adults:  €12

Youth (Under 18): €6

Children 12 and under are free.


The meeting point is Esslingen's Starbucks, Pliensaustrasse 8 (intersection with Metzerbach).  


Esslingen is an easy journey by public transit, via S-bahn or Regional train.    Please use the VVS Journey Planner to plan your route!  

You can also drive to Esslingen, there are numerous parking garages all around the old city.



Please wear comfortable shoes and be aware that weather can change quickly, so layers are often appropriate!